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Finding "Whole Words Only" with Wildcards

If you often use wildcards with Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature, you probably know that Word won’t let you specify “Find whole words only” when the “Use wildcards” option is checked. This is more than an annoyance; sometimes you really *need* to be able to find whole words only while searching with wildcards. To […]

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Resizing Drop-Down Lists

I work a lot with styles in Microsoft Word, and I like being able to look up at the drop-down style list on the formatting toolbar to see the name of the current paragraph style. I also like giving my styles long, descriptive names, such as Normal Text 2, Normal Text 2 No Indent, Normal […]

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Exclude Dictionary

You’ve just sent a freshly edited manuscript back to your client, but you decide to glance through it one last time. Acck! What’s this? “Our company has been highly visible in the pubic arena . . .” How did *that* get through? It got through because you don’t have an exclude dictionary in Microsoft Word. […]

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