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Ligatures in Microsoft Word

Ligatures, in case you didn’t know, are letters that have been mashed together as one character. Why would anyone want that? For aesthetic reasons. (Yes, there is an ae ligature for words like “aesthetic.”) The ligatures used most often are fi and fl, accompanied by their friends ff, ffi, and ffl. That’s because these letter […]

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Wildcard Dictionary

If you’ve been reading Editorium Update for a while, you know about wildcard searches and some of the neat things you can do with them. If you don’t know about them, you can learn by reading these past issues of the newsletter: Even though I use wildcard searches all […]

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Macro to Swap Table Cells

If you work with tables, you’ve probably wished for a way to automatically swap the contents of two adjacent cells. If so, here’s a macro that will do the trick. Just put your cursor in the first of the two cells you want to transpose and then run the macro. If you don’t know how […]

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