Monthly Archives: November 2003

Page Down in Synch

Working on an index this week, I needed to ensure that pagination of the document I was indexing matched another document in which pagination had already been set. Because of the complexity of the material, I had to do this manually and visually, paging down in document 1, switching to document 2, paging down again, […]

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Title Case Macro, Version 2

Last week’s newsletter featured a macro to change all-cap headings into title case. It had some drawbacks, though. It would do only one heading level at a time, and you had to specify which heading level you wanted it to work on. In addition, it didn’t lowercase articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. What’s really needed is […]

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Title Case Macro

During my other life as a copyeditor, I often find myself needing to change the case of words that an author has typed in all caps, LIKE THIS, in chapter titles and subheads. I often perform the task with the handy Cap Title Case feature in my Editor’s ToolKit program, but I’ve also wished for […]

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