Monthly Archives: February 2004

Setting Up Book Pages

Two weeks ago, I explained how to calculate page margins when typesetting a book in Microsoft Word. I neglected, however, to explain how to set up the pages themselves. So here goes. For most books, you’ll need three different page layouts: 1. The first page of a chapter. 2. A left (verso) page. 3. A […]

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Size and Zoom

I recently noticed that one of my colleagues, a fellow editor, was reading a document set in 10-point type, with the lines running all the way across his giant 21-inch monitor. He was having a terrible time “tracking” from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, and he was squinting, bending […]

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Calculating Page Margins

In past newsletters, I’ve sometimes discussed aspects of typesetting in Microsoft Word: One item I haven’t addressed is how to calculate page margins *for publication,* which is not the same as just clicking File > Page Setup and putting in some numbers. If you needed to set up page margins […]

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