Macros for Macs!

In Word 2008 for Macintosh, Microsoft removed all macro capability. In Word 2011 for Macintosh, Microsoft brought it back—sort of. The capability is there, but compatibility with Word for Windows is somewhat lacking. And that's why the programs from the Editorium have not been available for Word 2011.

I'm pleased to report, though, that our FileCleaner program is, at last, available for Word 2011 on Macintosh. You can download the program by clicking here.

FileCleaner cleans up common problems in electronic manuscripts, including multiple spaces, multiple returns, unnecessary tabs, improperly typed ellipses, ells used as ones, and much more. It turns double hyphens into em dashes, and hyphens between numerals into en dashes. It can also remove directly applied font formatting (such as Times 12 point) while retaining styles (such as Heading 1) and character formatting (such as italic and bold). The program includes batch processing so you can clean up all open documents or a whole folder full of documents to maximize your productivity, doing in minutes what used to take hours to do by hand. This new version also includes the option to track the changes made while cleaning up.

This is a major new version of FileCleaner that has taken much time and expense to create. For that reason, users will need to purchase a new license for the program, even if they already have a license for the previous version. (A previous password/registration code will not work.) But at $29.95 it's a bargain. The program will pay for itself the first time you use it on any substantial editing job. Then it will pay for itself again on the next job. And the next. Out of all of our programs, this is the one I use most. It's a real workhorse that every serious editor should have.

You can, of course, try the new version for 45 days to make sure it does what you need. After that, you'll need a password/registration code to keep the program from timing out. When you're ready to buy a license for the new version, you can do so by clicking this link.

I'd also be grateful for any feedback you'd care to provide after trying the new version.

Now that I have most of the kinks worked out on the Macintosh, our other programs will also become available, one by one, in the near future. Next up: NoteStripper. Thanks for your patience!

Jack Lyon ( owns and operates the Editorium, which provides macros and information to help editors and publishers do mundane tasks quickly and efficiently. He is the author of Microsoft Word for Publishing Professionals and of Macro Cookbook for Microsoft Word. Both books will help you learn more about macros and how to use them.

Programs from the Editorium

Have you checked out the Editorium's latest Microsoft Word add-ins to help with your work?

IndexLinker creates hyperlinks from index page numbers back to the text to which they refer. If you're creating ebooks or PDFs with indexes, you need this program.

BookMaker automates typesetting and page layout in Microsoft Word. Stop fighting with page breaks, headers, and footers. Let BookMaker do the heavy lifting.

LyXConverter converts Word documents into LyX documents.

And, of course, many other useful add-ins are available as well, including Editor's ToolKit Plus.

A Special Deal: Editor's Toolkit Ultimate!

Editor's ToolKit Ultimate combines three great products:

The three products work together to create a powerful editing package to take you through three separate stages of copyediting.

Communication Conference

Wondering how to launch or improve an editorial business, whether you offer writing, editing, proofreading, indexing or other related services? Come to “Be a Better Freelancer! (Re)Invent Your Business,” the ninth annual Communication Central conference for freelancers, September 26–27, 2014, in Rochester, NY, with an Editorial Bootcamp on September 28 at the same location.

Topics include launching your business, macros and other efficiency/productivity tools, working with MS Office, organization tips, a self-publishing roundtable, balancing freelancing and family life, resources, benefiting from social media, and more. Keynote speaker is Jake “Dr. Freelance” Poinier. Other speakers include Erin Brenner, Ally Machate, April Michelle Davis, Daniel Heuman, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, Dick Margulis, Greg Ioannou, Geoff Hart, Jack Lyon, Laura Poole, Ben Davis, Amy Schneider, and Ruth E. Thaler-Carter.

Interested in Laura Poole’s editorial bootcamp? Info for the Editorial Bootcamp is included in the conference registration PDF. The Editorial Bootcamp may be taken without attending the conference.

You'll find more information here:

Questions? Contact Communication Central owner Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, at or 585-248-0318.

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