If you’re like me, you’ve often made an editorial correction in Microsoft Word and then, five pages later, changed your mind. But where was that correction? Word includes a feature that will take you back to your last change, then the change before that, and so on, cycling through the last four changes in your document.

The name of the feature is Go Back, although it’s sometimes referred to as Previous Edit. Whatever Microsoft wants to call it, it’s a handy feature to have. The problem is, it’s a hard feature to find. You won’t see it on a menu or a toolbar. Nevertheless, it’s there, and you can use it by pressing SHIFT + F5.

When you press SHIFT + F5, you’ll go back to your last change. What’s less obvious is that if you made the change in a different document that’s still open, Word will switch to that document and take you to the last change there. Neat! Not only that, but if you open a document you’ve worked on before, SHIFT + F5 will take you to the last change you made in *that* document. Amazing! Now you can find the place you left off editing in a document you’ve saved and closed. (If you’re using our Editor’s ToolKit program, you’ll use the Go Back feature by pressing SHIFT + F10 rather than SHIFT + F5. You’ll also find it on the Editor’s ToolKit 1 toolbar and on the Edit menu, right under Go To.)

Go Back isn’t a big, flashy feature. It’s just one of those basic, practical tools that you’ll use all the time–now that you know where it is.

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