Deleting Multiple Bookmarks

Bookmarks in a Word document are useful for many things, such as, well, marking your place, marking ranges for index entries, and marking text for cross-references. But they can also get in the way–for example, if you’ve finished editing a document for a client and have several dozen bookmarks you’ve created but now need to delete, or if you’re getting ready to import a Word document into QuarkXPress or InDesign, which don’t like bookmarks.

The usual procedure for deleting bookmarks is to click Insert > Bookmarks, select a bookmark, and click the Delete button–over and over and over again, since Word won’t let you select more than one bookmark at a time.

The solution? A trusty macro, of course. Here’s a simple one that will delete all the bookmarks in a document:

Dim aBookmark
For Each aBookmark In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks

If you don’t know how to use such macros, you’ll find instructions here:

But what if your client included bookmarks that you don’t *want* to delete? What if the only bookmarks you want to remove are the ones *you* created? Well, if you’ve started those bookmarks with a unique identifier, such as your initials, the solution is easy. For example, my initials are JML, so I name my bookmarks something like this:



Then, when I’m finished editing, I run the following macro to delete them:

Dim aBookmark
For Each aBookmark In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
If Left(aBookmark.Name, 3) = "JML" Then
End If

Just put your own initials in the macro in place of “JML” or use some other unique code such as “zzz” (yes, the macro is case-sensitive).

Bookmarks deleted; problem solved.



After reading “The Need for Speed” in the June 14 newsletter, Bill Rubidge wrote:

One suggestion I would add, since it is so basic, is “Learn to use the keyboard whenever possible, rather than the mouse. And I’m not necessarily suggesting learning and memorizing the keyboard commands–I’m just suggesting using the keyboard Alt keys to access the Word menus and move through them to the command you want and would otherwise access via numerous mouse moves and clicks. Once you display the keyboard commands (use the options to do this), learning to use the keyboard instead of the mouse is pretty quick.”

Many thanks to Bill.



PDF XChange Viewer

I’ve long used Adobe Reader to view PDF files:

Unfortunately, not having the full version of Acrobat, I haven’t been able to annotate PDF files for such things as indexing or typesetting corrections–until now.

What’s changed? I’ve discovered the free PDF XChange Viewer:

The Docu-Track website says you can use the program to “View, Print, Export Text & Images, and add content to PDF files, type on PDFs in any font, fill and save forms, and much more!” It also describes the program as “the free alternative to the Adobe PDF Viewer/Reader–fully featured, faster, and still free!”

Note that it’s “still” free–implying that later it may not be, so you’d better get it while you can:

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