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As I explained in last week’s newsletter, editors who work in Microsoft Word can make many changes automatically (using Find and Replace) rather than making them manually. For more information on how to do that, please read last week’s newsletter:

This week, I’ve provided a long list of corrections that you *might* be able to make automatically. Don’t just use these blindly, however. Please look through the list to see which items would be most useful to you. Then you can record a macro that finds and replaces all of the items you’ve chosen. You can learn more about recording a find-and-replace macro here:

You might also be interested in our MegaReplacer program, which makes it possible to find and replace many items in many documents at the same time. You can learn more about MegaReplacer here:

If you have a list of things you routinely change as you edit, and if you’d like to share it with other subscribers, please send it to me here: mailto:editor [at symbol] I’ll compile all of the lists for next week’s newsletter. And now, here’s this week’s list:


% percent

& and

a large number of many

a small number of some

absolutely [nothing]

adjacent to next to

admit of admit

adventuresome adventurous

albeit though

all of the all the

alongside of along

already has been has been

alright all right

ameliorate improve

amidst amid

amongst among

an historic a historic

an historical a historical

and also and

anticipate that expect that

append add

arising from the fact that because

assuredly [nothing]

at present now

at that point in time then

at the time when when

at this point in time now

backwards backward

be helpful help

but rather but

by itself alone

cannot help but can only

certainly [nothing]

cognizant aware

commence start

component part

consensus of opinion consensus

currently now

data is data are

decidedly [nothing]

depend upon depend on

depending upon depending on

despite the fact that although

devoid of without

different than different from

disassociate dissociate

divide up divide

due to the fact that because

due to because of

e.g., for example,

eminently [nothing]

end result result

endeavor try

ensue follow

ergo therefore

erstwhile former

espouse hold

et al. and others

etc. and so on

fifthly fifth

filled up the filled the

finalize finish

first began began

first of all first

firstly first

foreseeable future future

forthwith now

fourthly fourth

fundamental basic

general consensus consensus

give an indication of indicate

have a tendency to tend to

have an effect on affect

have an impact on affect

have got to must

henceforth from now on

hereby [nothing]

highly unlikely unlikely

i.e., that is,

in addition to besides

in excess of more than

in order to to

in spite of the fact that although

in the event that if

in the near future soon

in view of the fact that because

inasmuch because

initiate start

inquire ask

irregardless regardless

is a function of depends on

is desirous of wants

join together join

lengthy long

loth loath

make a decision decide

match up match

may possibly may

media is media are

might possibly might

miss out on miss

more importantly more important

must inevitably must

must necessarily must

neither of them are neither of them is

never the less nevertheless

none of them are none of them is

none the less nonetheless

numerous many

on a daily basis daily

on a monthly basis monthly

on a regular basis regularly

on a weekly basis weekly

on a yearly basis yearly

on an annual basis yearly

owing to the fact that because

presented in this in this

preventative preventive

previous to before

prior experience experience

prior to before

quite [nothing]

reason is because reason is that

refer back refer

rely upon rely on

secondly second

sixthly sixth

take into consideration consider

thankfully [nothing]

the majority of most

the reason is because the reason is that

there are now there are

thirdly third

thusly thus

together with with

towards toward

try and try to

TV television

underway under way

until such time as until

very [nothing]

virtually all most

which that

while although

whilst while

will in the future will

will take steps to will

with the exception of except

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