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Microsoft Word's Layout Features

Microsoft Word includes a number of layout features that you’ll need if you’re doing serious typesetting or desktop publishing. They’re not always easy to get to, however, or to understand. For various reasons, Microsoft has strung them all over the place, under File, View, Insert, Format, and Tools. Good grief! I recommend that you use […]

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When *Not* to Edit on the Computer

After I published our last issue, in which I hammered on “paper” editors fairly hard, LeAnne Baird wrote to remind me that there are times when editing on paper may be the best way to go. What are those times? Here are a few for your consideration: 1. When training is at least as important […]

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Editing on the Computer

Editorium Update usually just assumes that you’re editing on the computer, specifically in Microsoft Word. But *why* should you edit on the computer? Because, to attain the same level of quality, it’s cheaper than editing on paper–cheaper in money, time, and stress. I’ve heard editors complain that they don’t like to edit on the computer […]

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Copying to the Spike

Last week we talked about Microsoft Word’s Spike feature, which lets you cut as many blocks of text as you want (like sticking them on a spike) and then paste them all at once in your chosen location. You can read last week’s newsletter here: But what if you want to *copy* rather than […]

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