Monthly Archives: August 2004

Deleting Unused Styles

I frequently edit books that are compilations of articles by various authors. Some know how to use Word pretty well; others don’t have a clue. Those in the latter category either don’t use paragraph styles or create styles that aren’t needed. After I’ve fixed and consistently applied the styles I need, I like to get […]

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Pasting Tracked Revisions

One of the oddest things in Microsoft Word is its seeming inability to copy and paste text that includes tracked revisions. If you want to see what I’m talking about, try this: 1. Create a new document. 2. Type a few lines of text. 3. Turn on revision tracking. (Double-click the TRK box in the […]

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Indexing with a Two-Column Concordance, Part 2

In last week’s newsletter, I promised to show you the perfect example of when to use a double-column concordance in preparing an index, and an automatic way to create such a concordance. The perfect example is a poetry anthology, but almost any consistently structured compilation of articles or addresses will lend itself to this kind […]

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