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Creating Custom Templates

Microsoft Word comes with several templates for creating reports, press releases, resumes, and other documents. These templates can come in handy, but, as subscriber David Ibbetson writes, “The best way to use templates is to make your own according to your tastes and needs. Built-in templates can be valuable as a source of ideas, and […]

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Attaching Templates to Documents

Last week we used Microsoft Word’s Style Gallery to understand one of the main reasons for using templates: to change the formatting of all of the styles in a document. You can read last week’s newsletter here: Why would you want to change the formatting of all of the styles in a document? Let […]

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Understanding Templates

A hundred years ago when I switched from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word, there was one thing I just didn’t understand. That thing was templates. What the heck were they, anyway? How was I supposed to use them? And what did they have to do with editing? Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines “template” as a “pattern […]

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The Death of Proofreading

There you are, editing somebody’s book in Microsoft Word. If you were working 20 years ago, you’d be editing on paper. After you finished, a typesetter would retype the entire manuscript (including your changes) by hand and run out typeset galleys. Then you’d assign a proofreader to check the typesetter’s work against your edited manuscript. […]

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