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Readers Write

After publishing last week’s article on creating a standard style list, I received such amazing feedback that I decided to dispense with a feature article this week and go straight to the Readers Write column. There’s enough information here to keep you reading, thinking, and implementing for some time, and I owe my thanks in […]

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Standard Style List

Last week’s newsletter explained the importance of using styles consistently in Microsoft Word, with a promise that this week I’d share my standard style list. As you look at the list, keep in mind that it was developed for styling books. If you work mostly on journals or magazines, your list will probably look quite […]

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Styles and Standardization

In the early days of printing, the “source” for the words on a printed page was the metal type used in the press. Once the pages had been printed, the type was removed from the printing forms and resorted into bins, completely destroying the source text. Producing a new edition of the book meant setting, […]

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