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Getting a Bird’s-Eye View on Your Document

By Jack Lyon, the Editorium Back in the days of editing on paper, I would sometimes spread manuscript pages out on my desk to get a bird’s-eye view of the text I was working on. This could be useful for several reasons: To see if long stretches of text needed to be broken down into […]

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Converting Fields to Regular Text (and Why That Matters)

By Jack Lyon, the Editorium Microsoft Word documents often include fields that authors use to insert text that isn’t really text: dates, page references, author names, and much more. If you’re editing a document that includes text copied and pasted from a web page (quite frequent these days), the text probably includes hyperlink fields, perhaps […]

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Mucho Macros

By Jack Lyon, the Editorium You’re probably already familiar with Paul Beverley’s editing macros, but there are plenty of other places to find Microsoft Word macros that you might find useful. Here are some of the best: Allen Wyatt’s macros, with clear explanations of how they work. Be sure to sign up for his free […]

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