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Wordperfect Weirdness

I work with lots of authors who use WordPerfect. Sometimes they pass their documents on to colleagues who use Microsoft Word. That wouldn’t be a problem if the authors would first save their documents in Word format. But they don’t, and their colleagues work on the documents in Word, pass them around to others, and […]

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Button Bonanza

Stars, pencils, light bulbs, puppy dogs, faces, diamonds, and hearts. What am I talking about? Toolbar buttons! Lots and lots of toolbar buttons! If you like assigning macros to toolbar buttons, you’re probably tired of the paltry 42 images you can use on those buttons by default. But fear not! Word has hundreds of images […]

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Revision-Tracking Format in Word 2002

Before Word 2002, it was possible to set revision-tracking colors and formatting separately for inserted and deleted text. The procedure was simple: 1. Click Tools / Track Changes / Highlight Changes / Options. 2. Select “Mark” (bold, italic, underline, or double underline) for “Inserted text.” 3. Select “Color” (various) for “Inserted text.” 4. Select “Mark” […]

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Wildcard Dictionary Entries

Some weeks ago I suggested the need for a “wildcard dictionary” and asked readers to send in their contributions. You can read that article here: I heard from Rosalie Wells, Hilary Powers, Eric Fletcher, Allene Goforth, Michael Coleman, and Steve Hudson, who sent some great wildcard strings and commentary on their use. Many thanks […]

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