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Compare Vs. Merge

If you do paperless proofreading (as described in the newsletter for May 14), you’ve probably bumped into some of the same problems I’ve had with comparing documents (Tools > Track Changes > Compare Documents) and merging documents (Tools > Merge Documents). In particular, sometimes I’ll go to compare two documents and get the following message: […]

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Reviewing Revisions with the Keyboard

Last week’s article on paperless proofreading explained how to use Word’s Reviewing toolbar to review revisions in a merged document. It’s a great tool except for one thing: the need to locate and click those tiny toolbar buttons for every revision you want to find, accept, or reject. Wouldn’t it be nice to use the […]

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Paperless Proofreading

I started in the publishing business as a proofreader, reading type set in hot metal on a Linotype machine. I’d compare the type against the edited manuscript and mark any discrepancies. Then back the type would go for corrections, with additional cycles of proofreading and corrections until the type was error free. Now the Linotype […]

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Word Expert Quiz

This week, just for fun (and for review), I’ve created a quiz. Use it to rate your skill in editing on the computer, using 1 as the lowest level (“I never do this”) and 5 as the highest (“I always do this”): 1 2 3 4 5 I use styles and eschew manual formatting. […]

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