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Character Styles Macro

Most Microsoft Word users who need to use bold or italic just press CTRL + B or CTRL + I and go blithely on their way, not thinking any more about it. But at some point, they’ll run into problems. For example, their directly applied formatting may disappear when they apply a paragraph style over […]

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Go Tell Microsoft!

Several readers have written to complain about Microsoft’s “enhancements” of various features in Word 2002. Most notably, the Comments and Revision Tracking features are broken. I’ve written about these here: Reader Ned Humphrey suggested starting a campaign to get Microsoft to reverse itself on such “disimprovements,” which I thought was a great idea. […]

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Wildcard Carriage Returns

I’ve occasionally mentioned this in passing, but based on recent questions from readers, it seems worth making a fuss about: Yes, you *can* use a carriage return in a wildcard search. People who use Microsoft Word often get stymied by this. They try doing a wildcard search with a string like this one: ^pSee(*)^p What […]

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John Henry was hammering on the right side, The big steam drill on the left, Before that steam drill could beat him down, He hammered his fool self to death. American folk song “John Henry” pits man against machine in drilling a tunnel for the railroad. John Henry wins the contest, but the effort costs […]

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