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Correcting Misspelled Words

In our last episode, I provided a macro to make a list of misspelled words found in a document. You’ll find the macro here: So you’ve got your list; now how do you use it? The way *I* recently used it on a multivolume typesetting project was to automatically fix a bunch of archaic […]

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Listing Misspelled Words

I’ve been working on a really big set of really big books that use odd, archaic spellings. Wanting to modernize those spellings, I decided to create a macro that would list every word that Microsoft Word sees as misspelled. You’ll find the macro a little farther down, but before using it, you’ll need to tell […]

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Wordperfect Weirdness Revisited

Back in January 2003 I published an article called “WordPerfect Weirdness,” which featured a macro for converting “special” characters (dashes, quotation marks, and the like) in a file imported from WordPerfect to Word. You can read the article here: Unfortunately, the macro isn’t reliable with more recent versions of Word, and I needed an […]

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