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Creating Toolbars

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to create toolbar buttons to activate your macros, but the fact is, you can create your own toolbars as well. Then you’re not stuck with the toolbars that come with Microsoft Word. Here’s how: In Word 97 or later: 1. Click the “Tools” menu. 2. Click “Customize.” […]

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Customizing Microsoft Word

When you first install Microsoft Word, it’s set up for the “generic” user–someone who employs only the most basic features of this powerful program. For example, it displays the Standard and Formatting toolbars but not the AutoText or Reviewing toolbars. But if you’re editing or typesetting in Word, you’re not a generic user–far from it. […]

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Macros on Menus

In our last newsletter, we talked about putting macros on toolbar buttons, but you may prefer putting them on menus instead. Here’s how: In Word 6 or 95: 1. Click the “Tools” menu. 2. Click “Customize.” 3. Click the “Menus” tab. 4. In the “Categories” list, on the left, find and click “Macros.” 5. In […]

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