Monthly Archives: July 2004

Indexing with a Two-Column Concordance

Recent articles in this newsletter have discussed editing with a concordance, which may be confusing for some readers. Let me explain. In those articles, “concordance” really means “word list.” It’s simply a list of all the words in a document, and it can come in pretty handy in editing. Experienced Word users know, however, that […]

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Fancy Sorting

Back in my WordPerfect days, I used to enjoy the program’s ability to do all kinds of fancy sorting. Microsoft Word has never been able to duplicate that, but it can still do more than you might think. Let’s say you’ve got a list of names, like this: Kit Carson Annie Oakley Buffalo Bill You […]

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Editing by Concordance, Part 2

Last week’s newsletter explained some ways a concordance could be used in editing, with a promise that this week I’d show you a sneaky way to take that concept even further. So here goes. There you are with a manuscript that needs editing, and lots of it. A cursory look reveals multiple inconsistencies and odd […]

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