Monthly Archives: October 2003

Visual Keyboard

Do you ever need to change your keyboard layout from one language to another? If so, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that your English-language keyboard doesn’t always match the keyboard layout used by your computer. If this drives you crazy, you’ll be happy to know about Microsoft’s Visual Keyboard add-in for Word 2000 and 2002. Visual Keyboard […]

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Style Separator

Word 2002 and Word 2003 include a long-awaited feature: the Style Separator. The Style Separator is a special, hidden (and undocumented) paragraph mark. Rather than creating a paragraph *break,* however, it marks the spot where one paragraph style ends and another paragraph style begins–*all in the same paragraph.* That’s right–starting with Word 2002, you can […]

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Word to PDF

Ever find yourself needing to convert a Word document into PDF (Portable Document Format)? Adobe Acrobat, the program usually used to create PDF documents, is fairly expensive, so you may be interested in some cheaper or even free alternatives: The free software is made specifically to work with Microsoft Word documents, and it allows […]

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