Monthly Archives: February 2003

Hyphenation Exception Dictionary

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d been working on a long, complex book that had to be typeset in Microsoft Word. I learned a lot from the experience, and I’ll be passing on some of that hard-won knowledge in future issues. As I worked on the book, one problem quickly became apparent: Microsoft […]

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Break That Word Here!

Last week’s newsletter explained how to use a zero-width nonbreaking space to keep a word from breaking at the end of a line when hyphenation is turned on (Tools > Language > Hyphenation > Automatically hyphenate document). Fine as far as it goes. But what can you do to break a word at a place […]

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Don't Break That Word!

I’ve recently been editing a long, scholarly tome that, for reasons I’ll discuss in a future newsletter, my co-workers and I decided to typeset in Microsoft Word, following the techniques explained here: Our intrepid typesetter has been fairly content except for one thing: there seems to be no way to keep a word from […]

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