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Changing Word's Memory Allocation

Editors are often afraid to work on big documents in Microsoft Word. I routinely work on documents larger than 300 pages, so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I do believe in having plenty of RAM (random access memory) on a computer (at least 256 megabytes), so that helps. Also, most of […]

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From Word 2K to 2003 Part 1–Looking up the Mountain

[Editor’s note: This week marks the first installment in a series of reports by Word expert Steve Hudson on Word 2003–installation, features, and much, much more. If you’re thinking of upgrading, you won’t want to miss it. Next week, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled feature articles and include the rest of Steve’s installments in […]

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Show Me the Menu!

In the 1996 film Jerry McGuire, Tom Cruise shouts “Show me the money!” I know the feeling, but right now I want Microsoft Word to show me the *menu*–all of it! In Word’s default state, many menu items are hidden until you click the little arrows at the bottom of a menu. For example, if […]

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Insert Boilerplate

Boilerplate is text you can use over and over again as needed. For example, the Fine Print section of this newsletter is boilerplate. Here’s a little-known but useful way to create boilerplate in Microsoft Word: 1. Create a new document to hold all of your boilerplate text. 2. Paste your boilerplate text into it (obviously […]

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