Monthly Archives: May 2004

Fixing Typos Automatically

All this talk about editorial style sheets in the past couple of newsletters got me thinking again about lists of automatic corrections. Long ago, I wrote about this and provided a couple of such lists: I now realize, however, that those lists don’t include nearly as many typographical errors as they could. […]

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Restoring Superscript to Note Numbers

I get manuscripts with all kinds of weird formatting, but recently I got one from which all formatting had been removed. That might have been all right, but the note reference numbers were no longer superscript; they all looked something like this.42 I wasn’t about to fix all those by hand, so I came up […]

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Editorial Style Sheet Macro

Last week’s newsletter provided a style sheet that editors can use to keep track of style decisions while editing in Microsoft Word. If you didn’t get that style sheet, you can download it here: Hilary Powers was kind enough to provide her StyleThat macro in last week’s newsletter, and this week I’ve adapted that […]

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