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Do you ever work with lists of personal names–authors, meeting lists, and so on? If so, you could probably use NameSwapper, our new add-in program that swaps last names and first names (or vice versa, if that makes sense) in a list of names. For example, if you’ve got a list of names like this– […]

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Customizing Shortcut Menus

Don’t you love Word’s shortcut menus? You know–the ones you get when you click the right mouse button. (If you’re a Mac user, you can access the shortcut menus by holding down the Control key while pressing the mouse button.) But did you know can customize the shortcut menus, putting the features you use most […]

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Content Vs. Presentation

Last week I introduced a program that creates typographic spaces by changing a space’s point size relative to the surrounding text. But why is that a good idea? If you save a document with such spaces in almost any other kind of format–HTML, XML, or even ASCII–those spaces are going to cause problems. For example, […]

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Two weeks ago, I explained how to “roll your own” typographical spaces (thin spaces, hair spaces, and so on) in Microsoft Word. Last week I explained how to use typographical spaces with Unicode. But if you don’t want to make typographical spaces by hand and your version of Word doesn’t support Unicode, you might want […]

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