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Compressed Word Spacing

[Calling all bugs! Calling all bugs! I’m trying to put together a bug collection for next week’s newsletter. If you’ve discovered a bug (or just something that bugs you) in Microsoft Word, please take a minute and drop me a line.] If you’ve tried using Microsoft Word to produce decently justified text, you’ve seen the […]

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Go2Text vs. Find

Last week’s newsletter featured a macro (Go2Text) designed to take you to specified text without using cursor keys or the mouse. You can learn about it here: A couple of readers have asked (much more nicely than this), “Why the heck should I use Go2Text when Word’s Find feature will do the same thing?” […]

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Go2Text Macro

When I’m editing in Word and see something I want to correct, I usually have to use the cursor keys (repeatedly) to get to it, or I have to reach for the mouse to select it. I finally got tired of both alternatives and created a macro called Go2Text, which instantly takes you to the […]

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Editioning Software

Microsoft Word guru Steve Hudson has been sending me some interesting things. Today I’d like to introduce you to his “Editioning” macro, which allows you to use true conditional text in Microsoft Word 97 and above. Conditional text is the thing to use if you need to change a document in different ways for different […]

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