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Using "Found" Macros

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about recording macros to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Word. You can read the newsletters here: What you may not know is that there are lots of “prerecorded” macros that will do all kinds of neat things. For example, subscribers to the Word-PC email […]

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Recording a Complex Macro

[Editor’s note: This week’s article is the third in our series on macros, and I’m honored to have written it with Dan A. Wilson, proprietor of The Editor’s DeskTop ( The example in the article is intentionally contrived. It’s a nightmare task of repetitive processes. And it’s long. But it’s designed to teach you some […]

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Recording a Find-and-Replace Macro

Today’s article is the second in our series about recording macros. It covers basically the same procedure as last week’s newsletter, but with an emphasis on finding and replacing problem items in an electronic manuscript. Watch for a complex (and useful) example of recording a macro in next week’s article, coauthored with Dan A. Wilson, […]

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Macro Recording: The Basics

Over the next few weeks Editorium Update will explain how to record macros and use them to simplify repetitive editorial tasks in Microsoft Word. I’d like to thank subscribers Meg Cox, Allene Goforth, and Dan A. Wilson for suggesting this topic. I’m especially grateful to Dan, who is an editor’s editor and Microsoft Word expert, […]

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Two-Step Searching

While editing in Microsoft Word, I often need to find something that’s *partially* formatted and replace it with something else. For example, let’s say a manuscript has a bunch of superscript note numbers preceded by a space that’s *not* in superscript. Here’s an example (with carets indicating superscript): Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. ^1^ I’d […]

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