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Copying and Pasting Styles

If you frequently use styles (which you should) to format your documents or specify text levels for typesetting, you’re probably aware that you can press CTRL + SHIFT + S to activate the style list. (Then you can scroll through the list to get the style you need.) You may not be aware, however, that […]

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Repeating Macros

If you record macros to help automate your editing, you’ve probably bumped into a seemingly insurmountable problem: You can get a macro to find something, and then do something, but not more than once. For example, let’s say you want a macro to do this: 1. Find text formatted with the Heading 1 paragraph style. […]

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Removing Directly Applied Formatting

Last week I discussed the evils of directly applied formatting but didn’t explain how to get rid of it. I know what you’re going to say: “Just press CTRL + A to select all and then press CTRL + SPACE.” That will remove it, all right. The problem is, it will also remove italics, bold, […]

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Frustrating Formatting

If you use Microsoft Word, I guarantee you’ve been frustrated by its formatting, especially if you edit someone else’s documents. For example, you modify the Heading 1 style to use Palatino rather than Arial–but Arial it remains. What’s going on here? Consider my living room wall, which I daringly painted red. Then, coming to my […]

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