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Shifting Styles, Part 2

Here’s the scenario: You’ve just opened a new document from a client, and you italicize the first paragraph, which is a short quotation introducing the chapter. But suddenly *all* of the chapter text is italicized. What in the world is going on? You’ve just bumped into Word’s “Automatically update” feature for styles. (This is different […]

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Shifting Styles

Scene 1: You go through your document, fine-tuning its style formatting to the peak of perfection. Then you carefully save your document for posterity. Scene 2: A week later, you open your document. What the . . . ? All of your styles have shifted back to their original formatting. You’ll have to do all […]

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Fraction Macro

Last week’s newsletter explained how to make your own typographical fractions in Microsoft Word. You can read about the technique here: But if your document is full of plain-text fractions, like these– 1/3 2/3 5/8 –why not let a macro do the work? I owe my thanks to Wordmeister Steve Hudson for the idea. […]

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Using fractions has always been a challenge in Microsoft Word. A few (1/2, 1/4, and 3/4) have been readily available. But what about 1/3, 2/3, and other common ones? Microsoft recommends creating additional fractions by using equation fields or the Equation Editor. You can learn more about these methods here:;en-us;Q137734 Unfortunately, these methods are […]

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