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Accepting Changes by a Single Reviewer

Sometimes, in a document that’s been reviewed by several people, it’s nice to be able to accept all changes by a single reviewer–maybe the author or a proofreader whose judgment you trust. (Or maybe yourself!) In Word 2002 (XP) and later versions, this is easy: 1. Click View > Toolbars > Reviewing to display the […]

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Marking Revisions for Review in Wordperfect

This week one of the editors I work with needed to show tracked revisions to an author she’s working with. The problem was, the author used WordPerfect, not Microsoft Word. We tried opening the marked-up Word document with WordPerfect, but no go. Additions were there, marked in red, but deletions had reverted to regular text. […]

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Style Macros

The August 18 issue of Editorium Update featured a macro to delete styles that exist in a Word document but are not used in that document. While I was writing that macro, I also wrote a couple of others that I thought you might find useful. The first macro, ListCustomStyles, lists (at the end of […]

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Indexing with Page Breaks from Quark

I started indexing a book yesterday, and I wanted to work on the text of the document in electronic form, with page breaks that matched those of the galleys, which had already been typeset in QuarkXPress. After a little experimentation, I figured out the following procedure: 1. Ask the typesetter to provide a postscript file, […]

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