Accepting Changes by a Single Reviewer

Sometimes, in a document that’s been reviewed by several people, it’s nice to be able to accept all changes by a single reviewer–maybe the author or a proofreader whose judgment you trust. (Or maybe yourself!) In Word 2002 (XP) and later versions, this is easy:

1. Click View > Toolbars > Reviewing to display the Reviewing toolbar.

2. On the toolbar, click Show > Reviewers.

3. Select the name of the reviewer whose changes you want to accept (and deselect any others that are checked).

4. Click the > Accept Change button (blue checkmark, middle of the toolbar).

5. Click Accept All Changes Shown.

In Word 97, 98, 2000, and 2001, it’s not so easy; it requires a macro. This one, in fact:

Sub AcceptRevisionsByAuthor()
Dim aRevision, ThisAuthor As String
For Each aRevision In ActiveDocument.Revisions
ThisAuthor = aRevision.Author
If ThisAuthor = "Jack M. Lyon" Then
End If
Next aRevision
End Sub

If you don’t know how to use such macros, you can learn how here:

When you use the macro, of course, you’ll want to replace “Jack M. Lyon” with the name of your choice.

If you want to accept changes for all reviewers *except* Jack M. Lyon, you can change this line–

If ThisAuthor = "Jack M. Lyon" Then

–to this:

If ThisAuthor <> "Jack M. Lyon" Then

You can also *reject* all the changes by a single reviewer. To do so, change this line–


–to this:


In Word 2002 and later, you can reject all changes by a single reviewer by clicking the Reject Change/Delete Comment button (to the right of the Accept Change button) and then clicking Reject All Changes Shown.

Thanks to Anna Marshall for requesting this article.



After reading the previous newsletter on marking revisions for WordPerfect, Adam C. Engst wrote, “[The macro] sounds quite useful, but what about going back in the other direction? Can a macro take styled text from WordPerfect (or other app) and turn it back into revisions and comments?

I tried writing a macro to make this work but was unsuccessful. If you, gentle reader, know of a way to do this, please let me know.

Thanks to Adam for his message.

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